We Are Home!

We Are Home!

Archer and Ziggy: Today was a very fun day! Our humans, Jules and Andrew, came to get us from Trisha.

After Jules and Andrew and a visit with our other humans, it was time to bring us home.

We did rather well on the way home, thanks to treats filled with puppy food and freeze dried liver!

Once we got home, we discovered a whole bunch of amazing toys! We didn’t know which ones we wanted to play with first. We think we have come close to beginning to pick some favourites.

We played outside for a bit in our big outdoor kennel! We even peed and pood outside! For some reason, Jules and Andrew got really excited by this!

We ate dinner! We gobbled that up. Then we played outside some more.

There is also a husky here. Her name is Kayla. We really like her and she really likes us. Though, we make her very nervous when we rough house and growl at each other. So, she won’t come into the big outdoor kennel with us.

Our human Andrew took a bunch of video. Later, he will make a cute video and upload it to our soon-to-exist YouTube channel.

Finally, nap time.

Can’t wait to wake up and do it all again!









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