These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Games

These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Games

Archer and Ziggy: We love to play games. We are learning new games all the time. Some, we’ve outgrown.

Aside from chasing each other around the house, roughhousing with Kayla, and digging, these area a few of our favourite games.

Pulling on Hanging Toys

The one game we’ve outgrown is, pulling on teddy bears hanging by elastic from a shower rod. We tore one of the bears right off by chewing through the elastic. Now, we just play with the teddy bears that have squeakers in them.

Trisha Sheehan, the human who cared for us for the first eight weeks of our life, introduced this game to our humans, Jules and Andrew. It taught us to look up, and not just follow our noses.


We also love to play fetch. Kayla, our big sister husky, taught us how to play this game.

Eventually, I’m sure we would have learned how to play this game on our own. But, at first, when Jules would throw a ball we like, we would look at him like, “Why did you take that away from us?” Then, we watched Kayla retrieve the ball after it was thrown, bring it back to Jules, only for Jules to throw it again, and repeat.

We saw how much fun Kayla was having, so we copied her. Now, all three of us see who can get the ball first and bring it back. Sometimes, Jules will throw three balls. That is when things will get very interesting.


Rope toys

We play this game in a variety of ways. Sometimes, we will each grab one of our toys, taunting the other into choosing one toy on which to pull.

We also love playing tug-of-war with each other with our small rope.

But our favourite way of playing tug-of-war is with the big knot rope with Kayla. Kayla will grab one end, and we’ll each put our mouths between the knots on the other end, trying our best to take it away from Kayla. Right now, she always wins. One day, between two of us, we will be able to take the rope away from Kayla.

Burying Toys and Ourselves Under Our Kong Bed

We love to dig and hide things. One of our favourite places to hide toys is under our bed. We also love to hide ourselves under our Kong bed.

Pulling Our Kong Bed Out Of Our Kennel

We learned how to do this last night and now our lives will never be the same! Who knew our Kong bed was something that could be dragged around the house?

Jules: Just to get an idea of how big they are, that Kong bed measures: 23″L X 18″W. For 10.5 weeks, Archer and Ziggy are MASSIVE for Beagles.

Our humans are quite relieved that they didn’t buy us a non-Kong bed. We would have destroyed it already, just like our non-Kong stuffed toys. Despite our Kong bed being made of heavy-duty material, we’ve already started to rip it apart. There are no holes in it, yet. But, it is beginning to fray in a few places.

Our humans have decided that unless it is rope, a Kong product, or a Nylabone product, they will not buy it for us because they will not last long.

Though, they have heard that K9 products are also super durable. And maybe, they’ll be introduced to other Beagle-durable products when our BarkBox subscription boxes arrive.


This isn’t really a game, though we will play games, like “Chase me!” while we walk. We are now up to three walks a day around the property. We can’t wait until we are 16 weeks old, have all of our Parvo shots, and can go for walks around the neighbourhood.

Now, we can’t even look at our harnesses and leashes without whining because we just want to go!

Kayla also loves them because she gets to be the leader, and a big girl off-leash.

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