April BarkBox Review – We Love It!

April BarkBox Review – We Love It!

Archer and Ziggy: Earlier this week, we received our first BarkBox with the puppy extra toy club add-on. It was awesome! Look at how we rip into the box with all the enthusiasm!

Inside of the box was three toys and two healthy treats:

  1. Fabdog Boxing Gloves – $16 value
  2. JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz – $5 value
  3. Petprojekt BonBal – $14 value
  4. Etta Says Elk chew – $3 value
  5. Sojo’s Simply Lamb – $10 value

We don’t care about the value, just the fun-factor, but our humans really like that for $34 USD, they received $48 worth of toys and treats right to our door!

Toy Fun Factor


We love the boxing gloves. So does our Husky big sister, Kayla. We each take a glove and play tug-of-war. The boxing gloves get the most play.

Our humans love them because they are very durable. We’ve destroyed two non-Kong stuffed toys, and they were worried the gloves wouldn’t last long. But they are holding up, even in the jaws of an adult Husky.

Our second favourite toy in the batch is the muscle man. He squeaks! Kayla also loves to play with it, so that is good, too. The rubber is very thick and durable; same consistency as all of our rubber Kong toys. Our humans are confident that this toy will last us for a good long time.


Unfortunately, we aren’t too interested in the BonBal, which is the special puppy toy. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the shape of a bone or the shape of a ball, we pretty much ignore it. We prefer to play with out Kong balls and bones, and Nylabones.

Our humans are thinking about stuffing it with treats when it’s in ball mode to see if that will interest us.

Food Yum Factor

Of course we loved the treats! We are beagles and will eat anything! Our humans use freeze-dried liver to house train us and use freeze-dried chicken breasts for other special “We did something amazing!” rewards. So, the freeze-dried lamb is a great addition for our “We did awesome!” rewards when kibble is just not enough.

Our Husky sister wasn’t too sure about the lamb at first. She doesn’t even like liver! We think she is crazy. But, she did end up eating it.

As for the elk chew, OH YES!!! That was great after we finished attacking it because we weren’t sure what it was. Our humans divided it into three pieces and we each had a great time playing with it and eating it.

We can’t wait to get our May BarkBox and tell you all about it!

If you own some humans, you should tell them to get you a BarkBox subscription. We’ve only had one, but our humans tell us they are more than happy with the value and quality, and we think it is awesome!

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